Story about us

Our existence was the culmination of several individuals willing to dream outside the box.


In the year 1999 on a balmy summer day in Lynchburg, VA, in the shadows of the majestic overarching Blue Ridge Mountain range, three gentleman jotted down ideas about an investment strategy that could navigate any market environment.

A ‘Buy & Hold’ investment methodology has been  debunked as dangerous and reckless since the late 1980’s. Having an investment strategy that could adapt as the world changes is what made this project so challenging and unique. With the internet in full swing, providing a plethora of readily available data, the goal to build an artificial intelligence that could grow and adapt as the world’s markets changed was started.

After several months, three technology firms, millions of man hours, and billions of lines of code our ideas from that hot steamy day in 1999 became a reality. Our artificial intelligence has the ability to monitor and produce the trend of the market based on, but not limited to:  institutional money flows, demand vs supply, buying vs selling pressure, human behavior, monetary & political policy changes, and the availability of increased data. 

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