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Instead of the same old tired and discredited investment strategies, we provide a coherent, nimble and easy-to-explain tactical approach that can dramatically outperform in both Bull and Bear markets. With our software application serving as your private market expert, you’ll enjoy more freedom to spend your time where you should be spending it, enjoying your life.



Market Indicators

Indicators that Tell the Story of the Market

New Money Deployment Indicator

Using institutional volume the goal is to only invest new money into the stock market during short term ‘Uptrend’ periods and remain in cash during short term ‘Downtrend’ periods.

All-Weather Indicator

The All-Weather Indicator uses several proprietary algorithms related to the theory around Moving Average Differentials to determine the optimal time to be exposed to the markets and when an investor should seek the safety of cash/money markets.

Long-Term Market Status Indicator

This indicator was built to handle the trading restrictions that might be experienced where frequent trading is discouraged. This indicator takes a longer trend approach to identifying periods to be invested in equities vs invested in the safety of cash/money markets.

Calendar Effects Indicator

The Calendar Effects Indicator is a short term indicator whose goal is to be invested only during those short periods of time during the calendar year that have historically shown a high probability of profit.

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